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International Headlines for Australian journalist fighting for Chinese community


The story of Australian independent journalist Marcus Reubenstein, who has a reputation as one of the strongest defenders of the local Chinese community, has made international headlines as well as national news across Australia.

作为澳洲华人最坚强的捍卫者之一,澳大利亚独立记者马库斯•鲁本斯坦 (Marcus Reubenstein)的故事成为了整个澳洲乃至国际的头条新闻。

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has reported on his legal battle with Geoff Wade, a policy researcher in the Parliament House Library in Australia’s national capital Canberra.

据《华南早报》(SCMP) 报道,Marcus与澳大利亚首都堪培拉国会图书馆的政策研究员杰夫•韦德打起了官司。

Wade is suing Reubenstein for writing two stories for news website APAC News which questioned why Wade maintained a Twitter account with more than 42,000 posts, almost all attacking China, hundreds of Chinese-Australian people and Australians who promoted better relations with China.

韦德 (Wade) 与Marcus的官司起源于Marcus在《亚太新闻网》(APAC News) 上发表的两篇报道。在报道中,Marcus质疑韦德为什么维护着一个拥有着4万两千条帖子的推特账户,且该账户几乎所有帖子都在攻击中国,攻击数百名澳洲华人以及促进澳中友好的澳洲人。

In response Reubenstein has announced he will lodge his own court case against Wade for 20 Twitter posts in which Wade suggested Reubenstein’s journalism is linked to the Chinese government.

Reubenstein has not commented directly but has posted on western social media platforms LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube that such allegations are entirely false.

作为回应,Marcus宣布他将对韦德提起诉讼,因其在20条推特中暗示Marcus的报道与中国政府有关。Marcus并未对此直接发表评论,但是在西方社交平台领英 (LinkIn)、推特 (Twitter) 和油管 (YouTube)上发声并指出韦德的指控是完全错误的。

According to independent analysis published at APAC News, Wade mostly Tweets during work hours, which Reubenstein wrote is against rules for government employees.


It was also revealed that Wade had breached the privacy of a Chinese language school in Canberra by publishing an image of 7 and 8 year old Chinese-Australian children where he told his 14K follower the address, days and class times children could be found.


Reubenstein told SCMP: “This is about free speech and government funded lawyers trying to shut down critics of the Australian government’s China policy.”

Marcus 告诉《华南早报》:“这关乎言论自由,以及政府援助律师试图封锁所有对澳不利评价的对华政策。”

Now in Australia the story has received major coverage in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, through the Nine Newspapers group, which wrote that Wade was directed to stop using Twitter by his bosses in Parliament House. He has not used Twitter since 19 February 2021, the day Reubenstein published his story.

如今在澳洲,Marcus的故事已经通过9家主流报纸在悉尼、墨尔本、珀斯和布里斯班得到了广泛的报道。这些报纸中提到,韦德被国会的老板们要求停止使用推特。自从2021年2月19日 (Marcus 发表他故事的那一天) 起,他就没有使用过推特。

The article in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age wrote some see Wade’s Twitter activity as an important resource for government, but “others see it as a scattershot list that, intentionally or not, casts suspicion on people for attending events such as Lunar New Year celebrations that may have only the vaguest, if any, links to the CCP.”

《悉尼先驱晨报》(Sydney Morning Herald) 和《墨尔本时代》(Melborne Age) 上的文章写道,有人将韦德的推特活动视为政府的重要资源,但是“其他人则将其视为漫无目的的活动,有意无意地引起对参加新年活动等活动的人的怀疑。这些活动可能只有非常模糊的跟中共的联系。”

Reubenstein has said it is a “hit list” used to smear the reputations of many Chinese-Australians with nor proof of wrongdoing.

Marcus 曾说过这只是用来抹黑许多澳洲华人声誉的“打击清单”,并没有实际性的证据支持。

He has established a GoFundMe page to raise money for his legal fight, telling supporters:

“Wade has published posts, with imputations of wrongdoing, against community leaders, professors, journalists, businesspeople, philanthropists, Queensland’s Police Commissioner and me. With your support, on behalf of Wade’s hundreds of targets, I am taking a stand for our Freedom of Speech and will let the courts decide.”




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